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Charlotte Gigan (ceramist) and Martin Duchêne (designer) form the creative studio Studio Biskt.


Charlotte Gigan (ceramist) and Martin Duchêne (designer) form the creative studio : Studio Biskt. At the crossroads of art and design, their collaboration is characterized by their duality and the contrast that gather them together. A dual universe where ideas arise from hybridizations between industrial processes and manual skills. Charlotte and Martin pay particular attention to the way the object is created. The many experiments involved in the appearance of new forms and functions that draw their inspiration in the architectural and industrial field.


Tulumba Zigwigwi

Enamelled sandstone

Their project Tulumba is a vase born from an industrial process, coming to life under the hand's intervention. 


BALIK, 2020
Glazed stoneware, powder-coated steel
120 cm x 35 cm x 45 cm

With its nomadic appearance and the materials of which it is made, Balik is in essence both fragile and robust. In this reinterpretation of the seat, Studio Biskt has created a metal base which, like two banks, is joined by an extruded earth base. Enamelled in different colours, Balik aspires to the outdoors and evokes, in its composition and possibility of assembly, multiple variations.


Glazed stoneware
12 cm x 8 cm x 35 cm

Tulumba perfectly embodies the desire to bring together the worlds of industry and craft. Born from an industrial process, this vase seems to come alive under the intervention of the hand. The almost vegetal dialogue between these two columns gives each piece a unique character.


Sandstone, Rubber
15x15x30 (cm)

With Tulumba, Studio Biskt adapts atypically this everyday object that is the vase. Terracotta soliflores enclosed in an elastic ribbon, the multiple combinations give the object a sculptural and unprecedented silhouette. The tapered lines that can freely interlock with each other to compose a set of infinite variable, that creates, with a touch of humor, the charm of this vase.