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Studio Matta

(c) Sam Gilbert


Studio Matta is the design agency of Eva De Smet & Jan Vandekerckhove, who aim to celebrate life through interior architecture. By combining materials, objects, and art, they create their own universe of tactility. 



The Wunderobjects are tangible traces from their design process as interior architects. These functional clay models go beyond the quest for form and proportion; they are sustainable materializations of a forward-looking vision. They allow the clients to dream of the renovated house, add colour to their current interior, and serve for Matta studio as a lasting reminder of each unique project.

Wunderobjects collection
Clay and glaze





Aureool completes its space for those who search for a color breeze. It reflects new layers in your interior. We had the need to create a candle that can be used both inside and outside. A opportunity to search for a windshield acting like a color bath. Mouth-blown glass brought the solution. The contrast between the shape of the glass and its base also creates a sacred feeling.


Aureool, 2019
Marble or stone, mouth-blown glass
80 x 50 x 240 mm


Narcissus is a mirror that appears both feminine and masculine with its organic shape and raw material, designed to honor the no longer obvious mirror above the fireplace found in old houses. The little shelf is a wink to the mantelpiece.

As parts of the steel are polished to a certain level, Narcissus shows an ephemeral reflection leaving space for imperfection and imagination. The steel vase ads a sensorial experience of colour and smell to this robust mirror.


Narcissus, 2022
Polished steel
410 x 450 mm