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Studio Tim Somers focuses on the design, prototyping and execution of interior, furniture and architectural objects. “Within the studio we try to find as much as possible a balance between innovation and minimalism on the one hand and usability on the other.”


Studio Tim Somers is a furniture workshop that focuses on the creation of unique and handmade pieces. The projects are a combination of functionality and artistic insights within the craft of woodworking. All of the projects are handmade with great attention to precision and passion, resulting in a durable end result. The production is divided with a fixed collection and assignments on demand. The projects can range from furniture to fixed objects within a space.


Piédestal Collection

Piédestal is a collection of different types of pedestals. Each Piédestal was/is designed with the aim of creating its own identity in the concept of function and different woodworking techniques. Within the sculptural fact of the pedestals, functionality is also a very important fact, which is why the Piédestals are divided into different categories. Each Piédestal is made with a combination of different types of wood. In this case, Chestnut, Elm, Cherry and Walnut.  


Piédestal I

This Piédestal I is the largest of the current range. Due to the height and different possibilities of this pedestal, its function also varies greatly within the location in which it is located. The function can be both presenting an object and using the pedestal within the appearance of a reception. Piédestal || can change its appearance by dismantling and reassembling the platform and the spheres. 


STOOL, 2021
American Walnut and Cherry (may vary)
45 cm x 20 cm x 45 cm (may vary)

Since it is made with what is available in the workshop, each stool is unique in terms of dimensions and types of wood. In the production of the furniture, different traditional woodworking methods are combined. On the seat is a gouged surface and a dovetail joint connects the seat to one of the legs. The wood is left in its original state as much as possible. In this way, the created piece of furniture are as natural and organic as possible. 

Chair C¹

C¹, 2021
American Walnut
65 cm x 45 cm x 75 cm

In the design of this chair, Tim has chosen to place the backrest slightly off-centre and to slide the seat more to the front, away from the back. With these small but subtle interventions, entirely new for a chair, he creates a more comfortable sitting position for the user, who can also easily place his arm on the backrest. The chair is only assembled with wood joints, which makes the chair more of a whole.