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Alexia takes on all mediums to give substance to her ideas, moving freely from engraving to collage, from drawing to photography, etc., before refining her research with graphic programs.


Idealized landscapes, childhood memories, abstract daydreams, the collections by Tenue de Ville, adopt ethereal tones, and dare a singularity that transforms the walls and carries the imagination away.
Each design is the conclusion of a long artistic research, a history of intern collaboration, a new perspective for your interior, hand drawn by Alexia de Ville and her team.



Papiers Tissés

Alexia de Ville transforms production waste from Tenue de Ville into high-quality materials for interior decoration and fashion, with an emphasis on upcycling and sustainability. The dyes employed to colour the wallpaper strips are all-natural, including ingredients like turmeric, tea, coffee, cochineal, and cabbage.

Papiers tissés, 2023 
Room divider - Amidon glue, fsc labelled non-woven wallpaper, recycled cotton, natural dyes


Tenue de Ville offers a range of wallpapers with exclusive designs that combine elegance, originality and contemporary trends. Revisited classic motifs, abstract patterns or designs inspired by nature, these inspirations are blended within each of the brand's collections, offering a wide range of choices.


Designer : Alexia de Ville de Goyet
Non Woven Fiber Paper
Traditional roll= 53cm x 10,05m
Retail price : around 100€/roll