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Experimentation is written in the DNA of the studio. Their projects seek to overcome stereotypes, question the automatisms to create spaces and objects for human beings who are more than mechanical species.


5 years ago, Vanessa Foladore made the decision to “bring back into the machine room the artist who worked in the basements under lit of his personality. ” She took an interior architecture course in the evening. After graduating, she launched her business with her partner Geoffrey Czokow, a web developer passionate about technical development research: an architecture studio interior and object creation carried by the values of open-mindeness, authenticity, eclecticism and freedom.




390 x 390 x 170 mm
3 KG
Public Price recommanded 570 € TTC

“Plate Planète” is a lamp composed of two steel discs covered with a thin sheet of natural stone. The elementary geometric shape emphasize the intensity of the material. Each stone sheet has undulations of colors and variations of materials which create singular patterns and make each lamp unique.
By its form and its material, “Plate Planète” is an invitation to contemplate the beauty of nature. The sinuosities and the color waves of the stone make us change temporality.

“Plate Planète” exists in table lamp or in ceiling, as well as in two natural stone coatings: schist and pink marble. Plate planète will appeal to lovers of noble materials sensitive durable and authentic objects. The luminaire is self-produced by the Ulle Von Folador studio and made in Belgium. The steal structure is machined in an adapted work company, electrical assembly and lamination are finalized in the studio workshops.

© Caroline Dethier