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Viktoir Ceramic Design from Roeselare (BELGIUM), is founded by Vicky Courtens in 2017 and focuses on designing unusual original ceramic objects for various interiors. 


Tailored to the customer, Viktoir is the optimal choice to give interiors an extra touch that cannot be found anywhere else.  Driven by modern computer aided production technologies, Viktoir brings an old handmade craft back to life to present highly durable and timeless designs like tableware, vases, candle holders and other decorative interior objects.




WANNA.BE EXTRUDED VASE refers to a vase that looks like being extruded in clay, but in fact the vase has been made by a new clay casting principle: dipslipcasting or reverse slipcasting. An extremely cheap modular mold made from fully recyclable plaster has been developed by use of modern computer aided technologies, results in flexibility in designing and choosing your shape of vase. This new production method only allows low volume series. The vase is handmade and tailored to the customer by shape and color. This makes each vase unique, timeless and highly durable.

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