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Yvan Caillaud

Yvan Caillaud portrait

Passionate about simplicity, he has a deep interest in questioning industrial processes to bring poetry to the manufactured object while keeping an eye on the craft and know-how of yesteryear.



Yvan Caillaud has a degree in industrial design and opened his studio in Brussels in 2018. By creating lyrical and unexpected experiences, its design leads users to revel in their everyday lives. The studio approaches design in the conception of objects, furniture, lighting and scenography, from conception to completion. It follows an editorial line sensitive to the narrative and poetic dimension of the object, while adopting an industrial logic. His approach is built on a constant back-and-forth between the fields of design and reference universes, materials and know-how, form and narrative, body and mind.



Pendant lamp
Aluminum and LED
1200 cm

PREMISSE is a ceiling light with elementary, strong and simple lines, generating multiple interpretations. The object highlights a return to naïve and primitive shapes and gets interested in basic way to enlighten a space. Made from a basic aluminium tube, cut, curved and painted, PREMISSE challenges industrial production in order to bring poetry and sensitivity to the manufactured object. Light sources placed on the edges of the lamp meet where the tube split. Beams extand the shape of the object including it with harmony to the location.
Placed alones, in couple or in ballet of strange creatures inviting to the pleasure of lyric contemplation, fixed.


Mirror set
Two sizes: 930cm x 420cm | 1470cm x 560cm

MONADE is a set of two wall mirrors. Hypnotic, the concentric curves of the aluminum tubes catch the eye in a frugal tête-à-tête in the heart of the mirror. Open to intimacy, MONADE is integrated into the space as an architectural element, like a window on oneself.