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More Circular is a New Zealand born, Antwerp based upcycling and design company. We develop processes that transform waste into new material and then produce circular interior products.


It all started with experimenting and testing in a garage, driven by a desire to divert material from landfill and instead create products that people would love.

We now process plaster bound for landfill into a strong new plaster and make elegant interior products in Antwerp. The Archy light pendants and table lights are the first products and were inspired by a minimalistic style and show that sustainability can be beautiful and stylish.



29∙09∙2020 > 10∙10∙2020
Digital Milan Design Week


First material is transformed into a new material by a process that we have developed. This material would otherwise have gone to landfill. Our process only uses renewable energy and only water is added to the material. Archy is handcrafted with care and passion. 

The uncoated surface of the Archy exposes and directly connects you with the natural material and the smooth, perfect curvature of the Archy plays with light hitting it to create fascinating shadows. Our lives are busy and our minds are hit with thousands of stimulations throughout the day. The home is a perfect place to create a sense of mindfulness and an ambience where stress is released.

The reflection of the warm LED bulb on the cylindrical inside of the naturally white Archy produces a mesmerising light. Wherever the Archy shines, it will make you want to stay there longer. A dining table, kitchen island, living or bedroom, Archy will make you feel at ease, relaxed and invigorated.