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Happy creator of a few successful products collection and always looking for lasting relevance, Alain Berteau's work is recognized for its simple but decisive functional innovation, smart eco-friendly solutions and versatile convenience.


Since 2002, architect designer Alain Berteau and his team develops products, buildings and creative strategies. Designing tools, stationary, textiles, tableware, glassware, lighting, indoor and outdoor furniture collections for both residential and contract markets.

Furniture design professor at La Cambre (2003-2013) and CAD (2014-), working with Bulo,Montis, Gispen, Lensvelt, Delvaux, Smart- Daimler, Wildspirit, Magazin, Objekten Systems, Othr, TossB, Modular, XLBoom and many other leading brands, his Brussels-based agency won various awards such as Red Dots, IF or «Designer of the Year», several designs being part of international design museums collections.



Wood lace, solid wood structure
LEDs, acoustic moss.
180x115x15cm + 90x58x7,5cm

Indoor gingerbread detailing

Wood turned into lace: a surface preserving the soft and natural touch of the material but made translucent thanks to a laser micro-perforation technique. A textile artist and designer passionate about natural methods, Geneviève Levivier has taken the necessary research and development time to materialise this innovative vision. “The idea was to transform the wood in a noble way, to enhance it without touching its own qualities”, she explains. She then teamed up with designer Alain Berteau to give shape to this new technique. This has produced this duo of objects: a lamp and an acoustic wall panel. A useful object on the one hand and an abstract and geometric work on the other. Two objects whose appearance changes and evolves depending on the observer’s perspective and that bring out the best in one another.

Tab Lounge

Ultra train lounger with innovative typologie combined with perfect comfort.
Produced by Bulo