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Terrain Vague

terrainvague © celinewillaert

Terrain Vague is rooted in experimentation and the desire to challenge the boundaries between art, craft and design. While each piece is produced using a serial process, they are nonetheless unique, bearing the traces of hand-crafting and the history of their conception, absorbing every stage of the process..


Terrain Vague is the meeting of designer Damien Gernay and ceramist Julie Istasse, a sensitive encounter that turns out to be the story of a lifetime.
The duo’s works reflect their attachment to nature, revealing its poetry through apparent simplicity and infusing us with emotions. They blend the smooth and the rough, control and spontaneity, craftsmanship and new technologies.


White mountain plate

Slip-cast ceramic

Ø27 x H 3,5cm

White enamel stoneware

Ocean Bowl

Slip cast porcelain

Ø17 x H 3cm

White porcelain or mass-coloured porcelain