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published on 23.01.2024

Bel Albatros, talking plastic

Local, recycled, and sustainable, innovative: there are so many advantages to plastic as developed by Bel Albatros. Founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Guilain Sevriere and Elisabeth Trivière the company is growing.

The sustainability and transparency of its production, as well as its commitment to social and environmental responsibility, appeal to designers such as Lionel Jadot, working with Bel Albatros to redesign the rooms of the Jam Hotel in Brussels, to creative artists (Combo Toys for children), as well as to large businesses such as Triodos Bank, and to visual artists (Jean-Baptiste Bernadet and Sammy Baloji, for a piece of work in the public space). Their product — a recycled plastic panel — brings the recycling of waste composite materials to the forefront and provides a starting point for action. Elisabeth tells us more.

Who’s behind Bel Albatros?

The company was born out of Guilain’s idea and desire. It has a real family dynamic, both in terms of partners and employees, including two brothers on the team (although they’re not from our family). For the past two years, our team has brought together designers, an engineer and a craftsman.

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BOUWSTOF, a project by the asbl de Batterie in collaboration with the designers Florentien Pletinckx, Julie Blanckaert, Yves Obyn. 
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