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published on 23.01.2024

Savile Boats: Double wake

Arising from a meeting between Benoît Loicq, a rowing enthusiast who wanted to create an innovative product, emblematic of luxury, and Belgian designer Serge Rusak, Savile Boats has chosen to place design, art and craftsmanship at the centre of the debate. A meeting with the creative minds behind this poetic project with great ambitions.
You say that your project conveys emotion. Tell us more.

(Benoît Loicq) The project’s name, a nod to the bespoke, luxury world associated with Savile Row tailors, summarises how we felt when we designed this rowing boat. Originally, it was a personal desire to develop a high-performance scull that could be used independently, but was also stable and could be transported as easily as a beginner’s model. My son has competed in this field and I truly love nautical architecture. I was aware that his type of boat was conducive to innovation projects. During this development process, the aesthetic intention was more and more clearly revealed.”

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Savile (c) Geoffrey Meuli