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published on 25.04.2024

The Belgian highlights of Milan Design Week!

Last week Milan Design Week took place, with more than 100 Belgian presentations. We previously brought you a preview of the Belgians in Milan, but what do we remember from this edition? In this overview, we show 20 designers and companies that caught our eye, with a slight preference for lesser-known names.

It was very busy in Milan. Whereas a lot of fairs saw their visitor numbers drop in recent years, the Salone del Mobile broke its record with 361,417 visitors. The city was also immensely crowded. FuoriSalone had 1,125 events listed. And it was not always the best design presentations where long lines were queuing, but well-known names such as IKEA, Porsche or Google, with Milanese curiosity seekers and less design professionals. Alcova headed 25 kilometers outside the city. Everyone was curious. Those who wanted to visit the two villas had to queue up to five hours at the busiest times.

At Baranzate Ateliers, fortunately, there was no need to queue, although the professional audience was there. Baranzate Ateliers and Belgium is Design were in a lot of lists among the must-sees of Design Week, with especially a lot of collectible design. Between the objects, dancers improvised. And of course, we had the best party.

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