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published on 29.08.2023

Muller Van Severen, Designer(s) of the year at Maison&Objet

On 7 September, Muller Van Severen will be honoured as Designer(s) of the year by Maison&Objet. Maison&Objet rewards them for a ‘decade of innovation that shook up the codes of interior design’. Their presentation at the fair is based on key elements of their daily life: home, workplace and garden, with of course an overview of their products. We visited them in their habitat, in Evergem near Ghent.

Muller Van Severen's story begins in 2011. As a couple, they share life, home and studio. In the studio, each has his part. Hannes, as a sculptor, transforms objects there. Fien, also trained as a sculptor and photographer, is mainly known as a photographer. But there is a clear link in their work. Both create landscapes, installations, explore space. And there is a desire to make utilitarian objects together.

Their work is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries. Hence the collaborations with Hay, Kvadrat and Reform, but it also catches on elsewhere. Brands like CC Tapis, Wallpaper or Bitossi contact them. Characteristic is the use of colour and materials. The materials used are honest: leather, copper, steel, marble. But polyethylene is also a grateful material. They prefer to work with local craftsmen and workshops. They want colours to penetrate to the core of the object. Paints are applied in textured layers, giving the designs a natural look. Enamel gives the same effect. Colour is sometimes determined in advance, sometimes afterwards. Their choice is an obvious one, a kind of instinct, averse to all trends.

Oasis  at Maison &Objet is a reflection of their lifestyle. It is a room with three entrances and with three islands. The corridor between them is inspired by the path in their garden. Oasis reflects the peace they find at home, their universe, a bit separated from the world.

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