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published on 06.06.2023

AFC Collection – Between reality and virtual reality The future of design is now!

Founded three years ago by a Belgian duo who, in 2022, joined the ‘Forbes under 30’ ranking, AFC Collection intends to revolutionise the fit-out of our homes by investing in quality and sustainability. A meeting with Audrey Joris and Augustin Brown, the project’s designers.

To entrepreneurs of your generation, digital technology is a must, but with AFC Collection, your approach is a little more nuanced. Can you explain?

Audrey Joris: “To Augustin and I, AFC is the logical conclusion of a personal experience. Originally, we were flatmates. Due a lack of financial resources, we chose to decorate our apartment with second-hand furniture. The idea was to keep away from the low-price items that you generally rely on when you move in. Very soon, our friends wanted to buy some of discoveries. At the same time, we developed Lease-to-Own, a rental system that, like a mortgage, enables you to furnish your home with high-quality items that you rent for a period of 5 years while you wait until you own them outright.  In our two showrooms in Brussels and Knokke, we now employ 13 employees who carry out personalised fit-out projects for our customers. Since January, this bespoke service has been supplemented by a digital experience. Entitled ‘Let’s Play Look and Feel’, it enables you to view each fit-out concept in a totally interactive way in our stores.”

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