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published on 21.05.2023

Ahokpe+Chatelin The questioning weave

Winner of a SaloneSatellite Award for their textile work, the duo formed by Georges Ahokpe and Estelle Chatelin question the very notion of design by bringing together artisanal heritage and reflection on the purpose of the domestic object.

A few weeks after their return from Milan Design Week, an event that earned them a SaloneSatellite Award, a prize awarded each year to innovative, sustainable and interactive projects, the founders of this studio, formed by a textile designer and a weaver, received us in their workshop. Working partners (and couple in the city), Georges Ahokpe and Estelle Chatelin began, in 2017, a poetic reflection questioning the practices of weaving for domestic use both in Benin and in Belgium.

BID, The New Belgians 2023 (c) Marek Swoboda