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published on 21.09.2023

Julien Renault is the Designer of the Year 2023!

Julien Renault, a multidisciplinary designer based in Brussels, has been honored with the prestigious title of Designer Of The Year 2023. The accolade, presented annually since 2006 by Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend, recognizes an emerging designer who serves as an ambassador to the Belgian Design scene.

Julien Renault has been operating from Brussels since 2009, where he founded his own  studio in 2015. His work sits at the intersection between artistic and industrial product  design while also venturing into photography and creative direction.  Renault's  eponymous studio has successfully completed projects for renowned international design brands  such as Hem, Hay, Massproductions, Mattiazzi and others. 

Amélie Rombauts, Design and Architecture editor at Knack Weekend, says the following about his  appointment: “In a sea of drops and must-haves that we often forget after a few months, Julien  Renault creates timeless classics. His furniture and objects don't clamor for attention. Their beauty  lies in the subtleties that become apparent only when you take the time to observe them: the  graceful curve of a table leg, the elegant neck of a pitcher, the silhouette of a wall shelf. With these  details, he captivates not only the present generation of design enthusiasts but undoubtedly the  next.” 

Looking ahead, Julien Renault has a series of exciting projects in the pipeline. In 2022, he  launched his debut collection with Hay, called Pastis, which pays homage to the cafés and  brasseries missed during the previous years. In 2023, he unveiled two new collections, Milk and  Rod, in collaboration with Nine at 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen. Milk features an industrial  carafe and glasses set, while Rod showcases a more artistic approach to product design,  exemplifying the unique dichotomy of Julien’s design approach. This fall, Nine and Julien will  release a third collection together, called Inline, showcasing a singular design language applied to  a shelving and side table collection.