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published on 19.10.2022

Studio Biskt awarded Designer of the Year 2022

Studio Biskt, whose work have been presented at SaloneSatellite with Belgium is Design, are the Designer of the Year 2022. Lauded for their innovative designs that push the boundaries of ceramics, they bring, in their own unique way, craft and industry together.

"The idea is to produce a unique design object with the characteristics of an industrial product, following an artisitic approach." Studio Biskt

Every year, a designer of the year is chosen by the magazines Knack Weekend & Le Vif Weekend and the Biennale Interieur. This year, Brussels-based studio BISKT wins this recognition. 

Ceramist and industrial designer, Charlotte Gigan and Martin Duchêne founded studio Biskt in 2018. At the crossroads of design and ceramics, industrial processes and manual skills, studio biskt experiments with clay extrusion, a process borrowed from industry. Charlotte and Martin pay particular attention to the way objects are created.

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"We focused on one technique in particular, pottery extrusion. This is an industrial process used to make bricks. Martin has always been interested in this particular technique. We quickly applied this technique in the workshop, we wanted to explore what it could do for the craft industry. We then developed the technique in such a way that we could apply extrusion in a small workshop. This showed us all the possibilities the technique can offer. The interesting thing about extrusion is that we can experiment with it. We make our own moulds and then mill them with a CNC. Since Martin also makes CNCs, there is a link between design and ceramics." Studio Biskt

With Tulumba, Studio Biskt adapts atypically this everyday object that is the vase. Terracotta soliflores enclosed in an elastic ribbon, the multiple combinations give the object a sculptural and unprecedented silhouette. The tapered lines that can freely interlock with each other to compose a set of infinite variable, that creates, with a touch of humor, the charm of this vase.