The Belgian design scene is vast and diverse. Belgian institutions are always at the forefront of supporting the people, new projects and products that make our country dynamic and unique.

published on 10.07.2024

Arnaud Bozzini in resonance(s)

According to Arnaud Bozzini, Director of the Design Museum Brussels, “Design is an integral part of our daily lives. In this museum, there is no ‘starification’ of the object, but rather exhibitions and archives that promote the history of design and the objects that surround us.

The Design Museum Brussels has just launched a digital version of the Plastic Design Collection, the cornerstone of this institution which humbly declares that plastic is fantastic for understanding where we are at, whatever our generation. The proof lies in one of the institution’s current temporary exhibitions, where Art Nouveau resonates with plastic design.

Why was this exhibition on plastic design so important?

When it was created, Philippe Decelle [private collector of almost 2.000 pieces in plastic materials and derivatives] told me he wanted to sell his entire collection. At the time, Brussels was shocked by the sale of a series of private collections, which were taken abroad. We had to honour this collection, which spans the 1960s to the present day, and the encyclopaedic and enlightened approach of this collector. The Atomium acquired the collection.

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