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published on 25.03.2024

Lydie Nesvadba : reframing

The Belgian photographer draws on the many experiences that have punctuated her rich and varied career to stamp her signature on every image she produces. She signed the portraits of the 30 designers selected for BOLD Dualities, Belgium is Design’s 2024 exhibition at Milan Design Week.

Over the course of your career, you have explored a wide variety of fields, some of them at opposite ends of the spectrum. Tell us about the start of your career.

I got my first camera when I was 12. I went on to study photography at Saint-Luc Tournai, then at La Cambre. For me, who grew up in a very academic family, this course was a revelation: five dreamy years, during which I realised that, as well as preparing me for a career, this medium would enable me to express myself as an artist. I then went to on to do many projects and travel. I photographed industrialists in the north of France, travellers and the inhabitants of the Three Gorges Valley in China just before a dam disappeared. All my life, I’ve tried to rediscover the freedom and candour that guided my work at that time.

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Shooting of the designers showcased in BOLD Dualities, the Belgium is Design exhibition for the Milan Design Week 2024.