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published on 23.02.2024

Jules Wabbes : Very good, GENERAL

Now in the hands of a couple of enthusiasts who protect its wonderful legacy, the company GENERAL DECORATION, founded by the Belgian architect and designer Jules Wabbes, has undergone a superlatively good renaissance in just the past 10 years. Meeting with Vincent and Caroline Colet in their showroom in the Brugmann neighbourhood in Brussels.

Your project is not a true renaissance because Jules Wabbes's wife perpetuated his work by protecting a legacy and signature that are unique in the world. We should talk of continuity instead. What made you decide to take up this challenge? 
Caroline Colet: My husband is a childhood friend of Marie Ferran-Wabbes (Jules Wabbes's daughter, an art historian and archeologist, Ed.). Jules Wabbes's family approached us, thinking that Vincent was the ideal person to continue this adventure.

Vincent Colet: Jules Wabbes is the greatest post-war Belgian designer. Our challenge consisted on finding Belgian artisans who were able to created ientival reproductions of these pieces. It took us two years to recreate a network of partner workshops.

Caroline Colet: For certain pieces, such as the Honerycomb sconce, no fewer than seven different people were involved. We went to look for them throughout the whole country by offering them the ultimate luxury: time to do things properly. Many are relatively elderly and carry knowledge that could one day be lost if, as it seems to be the case, the baton is not passed on. 

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Osaka Ceiling Lamp - Wabbes by General Decoration © Nicolas Schimp