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published on 05.08.2021

Belgian design at EcoSolidarity

Eco-Solidarity is an initiative and a movement which addresses the urgency for a more human-centered design in response to humanitarian and public health crises, focusing on ecology, climate change, the public health and well-being in public spaces, and the role of the economy, the key objectives of Green New Deal, through interior and product design, and spatial planning.

Belgian designers Studio Plastique and Sep Verboom / Livable Platform and experts Giovanna Massoni and Axel Clissen (Socle studio) take part in EcoSolidarity: a live talk from New York and an online exhibition. 

“Critical attitudes and passionate makers are what is needed today to operate a big change in design production and distribution.” Giovanna Massoni, EcoSolidarity Advisory Commitee

Linseed and linseed oil and its byproducts are the subject of investigation as the StudioPlastique duo Theresa Bastek and Archibald Godts set out to explore and design innovative ways to apply them. The ultimate aim is to offer alternative and diversified visions and opportunities for the European flax industry that stands under a great amount of pressure from global competition. 

Through his Livable® platform, designer Sep Verboom brings together partners as diverse as their geographies: from the Peruvian Amazon to Indonesia, and from local governments or commercial companies to NGO’s. The outcome results in handmade pieces created with a higher purpose, ranging from furniture, eyewear or even publications. A biobased future made from local residual flows by social employment and a collaborative approach. 

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« The ecologic and social challenges we are facing as a global community aren’t just a threat, they can also be considered a unique opportunity. Though international collaborations across disciplines, designers can contribute to empathic, game-changing scenarios addressing those challenges.” Studio Plastique

Linen lab is a research project to explore and design new applications with linen and its byproducts.


"At Livable, we strongly believe in a design culture that benefits the planet and society as a whole. Therefore we strive for a creative community using Design culture as a process to involve local knowledge and communicate impact on people and planet." Sep Verboom

Livable Platform empowers an attitude, facilitates a critical design community and invites them with a common approach. By curating a cross discipline approach we share our attitude through lectures, workshops, interventions and commissions. A service for the people, brands, companies and initiatives that seek to implement these values of impact.