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published on 12.01.2023

Design for Resilience - The everyday reimagined

"My idea of resilience is, among other things, a series of everyday items that are both useful and durable, which help to create a healthier interior and act as a source of well-being for users." Vanessa Colignon, founder of Design for resilience


On the strength of one initial product – the resilient sponge, an organic dish-washing glove made from recyclable and biodegradable hemp because it is compostable – Vanessa Colignon developed an entire project, which now boasts various items designed with the same idea in mind: helping to protect the planet and improve the health of users. In response to the huge increase in disposable items in the cleaning and self-care sectors, this textile designer has created a range that now also includes bath linens made from European linen.

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The resilient sponge is the very first flagship product of the brand which now offers more than 12 textile products for domestic use. 
Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and gently scrubs. The resilient sponge is a range of natural, washable and compostable sponges for dishes and cleaning.

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