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published on 22.03.2023

The gift to be simple.

After its success in New York The gift to be simple was brought to Brussels, seducing the public by its sober aesthetic at Atelier Jespers.

Curated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano for Belgium is Design in the frame of the New York Textile Month, the textile exhibition The gift to be simple took part in Collectible fair off-programme, bringing the works of the women 9 designers to a local as much as an international audience. The exhibition was hosted by Jean‑François Declercq in the magnificent modernist house known as Atelier Jespers.

Aimed at attracting interior architects and designers as well as a general audience, the textiles, furniture and objects on display embody an innate sense of simplicity, quality and originality.

The exhibition shares the honesty of natural materials expressed by a new generation of Belgian designers. May it be a connection to the essence of nature, the pertinence of still lifes or the question of wellness that forms part of our daily lives, the works articulate through muted palettes and handcrafted techniques. 

Natalia Brilli, Emma Cogné, Design for Resilience, Laure Kasiers, Charlotte Lancelot, Geneviève Levivier, Pascale Risbourg, Tenue de Ville and Céline Vahsen. 

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