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published on 09.06.2022

Gilles Werbrouck and Hugues Loinard awarded at SaloneSatellite

Gilles Werbrouck received the second prize by the jury of the SaloneSatellite for his limited series of lamps produced in collaboration with Hugues Loinard studio.

For this 11th edition of the SaloneSatellite Award, the theme - “DESIGNING FOR OUR FUTURE SELVES. SUSTAINABILITY” - develops from the design for disability, but intends to investigate how the specific principles adopted in this area can be applied in a design broadened to the basic needs of autonomy, movement, usability and interaction, which also concern children, the elderly or people with specific needs. With the idea that we are not all equal and that needs change throughout life. Although not decisive for the purposes of participation, the jury will evaluate with particular attention any projects inspired by this topic.

The awards thus far assigned by the jury – formed of design professionals, journalists and internationally renowned gallerists, and presided by Paola Antonelli, Senior Design Curator, Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA New York – have drawn attention not only to the specific works, but to the budding and/or already blossoming skill expressed by the participating designers, creating a bridge with Italian and foreign manufacturers providing opportunities for media visibility and resonance.

Three prizes were awarded to projects of emerging designers at the 23rd edition of the SaloneSatellite. They distinguished themselves through their messages and designs that take into account sustainability and inclusiveness among 600 designers under the age of 35. Among them, Gilles Werbrouck and Hugues Loinard received the second prize for their lamp.

Gilles Werbrouck launched his studio, based in Brussels, in 2018 focus on knit applying to the interior after having studied Fashion Design and having specialized in Knitwear Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels and at the Nottingham Trent University.





LAMP, 2021

by Studio Gilles Werbrouck x Hugues Loinard Studio

The lamp is made by pouring white plaster on black magnetic tape crochet fabric. The black crochet lamp shade and an extremely simplified plaster cylinder. The lamp was produced in 36 copies, each developed in the same way and yet unique.