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published on 05.08.2021

Henry Van de Velde Awards 2021

For more than a quarter of a century, the Henry van de Velde Awards have emphasised the important social role played by designers and their clients. The Awards show that design is nowadays woven into every fibre of our daily lives and they honour the work of creative entrepreneurs who use design to have a positive impact on our society and economy. These twelve categories show the diverse applications of design and demonstrate how rich Flanders is in design talent.

From no fewer than 197 entries, the jury first selected 17 Award winners and then 7 Gold Award winners. The public also had a say in the choice of the Public Award winner, via an online vote. The Lifetime Achievement, Company, Young Talent and Ecodesign by OVAM Award winners have also finally been announced.

Discover the overview of all 2021 winners here!

1. Lifetime Achievement: Ann Demeulemeester
2. Company: Novy
3. Young Talent: Bureau BoschBerg
4. Ecodesign by OVAM: Facadeclick
5. Public: Ellio Elite
6. Business Innovation: Aloxy Pulse
7. Climate Challenge: BC materials
8. Consumer: Nobi
9. Crafts by Bokrijk: Strijkinstrumenten uit Vlas
10. Digital Product: Slim naar Antwerpen
11. Graphic & Communication: Grafische campagne Horst Arts and Music Festival
12. Habitat: Caméléon



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