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published on 21.02.2022

Henry Van de Velde Awards 2022

This year, the Henry van de Velde Awards once again put the spotlight on projects, products and services that show the added value of design from its most varied side. Flanders DC put together a professional jury that selected 27 winners in 9 categories from more than 400 entries. Each and every one of them are fine examples of innovative, qualitative and inspiring design.

The jury selected 1 Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winner per category, together with the Lifetime Achievement, Young Talent, Company and Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award. The public also decided and could vote one of the 27 winners to the Public Gold Award.

Categories & Winners : 
Lifetime Achievement - Wim Segers
Young Talent - Lore Langedries
Company - Renson
Ecodesign by OVAM - Openstructures

Public / Business Innovation / Consumer / Crafts / Design Research / Digital Product / Environment  Graphics / Habitat / Spaces

Among the winners, Openstructures (Ecodesign by OVAM Award) and Ontketen project by Livable Platform (Environment Gold Award) are part of Belgium is Design film The Object Becomes

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners of each category were announced at the ceremony on February 8, 2022.


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His very own signature results paradoxically from his refusal of one overly flashy signature. Operating in the periphery, Wim Segers has helped to put numerous companies, and his own region, on the international map through this approach.