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published on 08.06.2023

Hind Rabii: the master of lights

Hind Rabii illuminates the interiors of individuals and businesses in Verviers and around the world. For more than 25 years, this lighting designer has been overseeing high-end production in her own workshops. Extraordinary creativity on a human scale…

You were an engineer in the textile industry. How did you get involved in lighting design?

I’ve always been passionate about architecture: modern aesthetics like those of Le Corbusier, Jean Nouvel and many others. For me, the most beautiful designs come from architects because they include living spaces. For my own part, I got involved in design almost by accident… After studying financial engineering in Morocco, where I was born, I moved to Belgium, where my uncles offered me the opportunity to work in the textile factories that they were managing (Verviers was historically a hub for the wool industry, with a reputation that dates back to the Industrial Revolution). I then developed an interest in fashion, and discovered that designing objects could allow me to combine technique and creativity.


You founded your eponymous brand in 1997. What is your bestseller?

The brand has changed greatly since it was created, but of the items that remain in the catalogue, there is the Belle d’I series, which embraces the traditional shape of Moroccan glasses (the Beldi, which is used in particular for drinking tea). It is now produced in a variety of colours and from aluminium. The sculptural Esprit Ya-Ya range has also become iconic, as well as Half & Half by Alain Gilles, one of the designers that we collaborate with.

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