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published on 27.06.2023

Jean-Michel André - A very good mix

Head of the Mix Hotel, the new jewel in the crown of the Limited Edition Hotels family that he himself founded, Brussels-born Jean-Michel André gave us an interview ahead of the official opening of this hybrid address set in the legendary buildings of the former Royale Belge.

Le Mix is not just a hotel. It’s a place to live in a corner of Brussels that is still under-exploited. Its setting is the former Royale Belge, a Brutalist-style building whose stunning mirrored façade is as fascinating as it is impressive. Inside: a 21. 000 square metres including a hotel, conference and work spaces, a sports and wellness club, two swimming pools, one of which is indoor, restaurants. On the ground floor, the Fox, an independent food court, has been entirely designed – as is the Mix – by the studio Lionel Jadot who, for this colossal project, collaborated with no less than 50 Belgian designers: his accomplices from Zaventem Ateliers, as well as others chosen from among the emerging talents of the young Belgian scene.