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published on 27.09.2022

Livable launches an eyewear collection with Breezm.

"Try to set up some kind of win-win situation with the people you work with." Sep Verboom

Industrial designer Sep Verboom (°1990) founded the collective Livable a few years ago. A platform where stories of communities and interesting materials are bundled and where both designers and the industry are involved. The Capiz project that translates into an eyewear collection also fits this platform in terms of its character. 

MAD spoke with Sep about Livable, Capiz oyster, his collaboration with eyewear manufacturer Breezm.

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The project originated from a research project on the ecosystem of the capiz oyster. We wanted to identify the impact of the material on the environment and humans by re-evaluating the material and linking it to other sectors. That's actually how the conceptual idea of designing glasses was born. First, the eyewear collection was literally meant as a "campaign image" to promote a new view on the capiz oyster. With the goal of encouraging designers, companies and entrepreneurs to look into the material and its possibilities. It is through the collaboration with the company Breezm that the glasses actually became a functional object. During that collaboration, the idea of producing a unique and limited collection was born.