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published on 22.08.2022

Roel Vandebeek x WOUD : a new design language

"Let the HIDN concept form a way to think out of the box, be innovative and unfold your creativity" - Roel Vandebeek

HIDN is the name for WOUD new design language based on precycling. It aims to approach waste reduction differently while creating purposeful designs.
Think of HIDN as a natural step in the table of content when designing. With the HIDN design approach, designers should search for the hidden possibilities for optimising material or processing to reveal an additional part, function, shape, application, inspiration, emotion, ef ficiency or design feature before the production starts. Just like treasure hunting.

Pushing the boundaries of the common use and reuse of waste, a fundamental principle in HIDN comprises utilising and optimising materials and resources at the beginning of a process and not after the production phase. This essential principle is considered precycling. With a precycling approach, you actively take initiative before the production is started. A cornerstone in waste reduction and a fundamental element of the HIDN design language.

Belgian Roel Vandebeek is the creative mind behind HIDN. His work could be described as humouristic, user-centred, sustainable, simple with an original touch.

HIDN : Design with a precycling approach; optimising material and process in an early stage.