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published on 21.09.2021

We (Be)Come One: Adorno x Belgium

The Belgian collection, “We (Be)Come One” is presented in the Atomium in Brussels as a part of Adorno London 2021. The exhibition “We (Be)Come One” stresses the importance of connections for the future of design.

Curated by freelance journalist Elien Haentjens, the collection features nine designers whose work unites through a diversity of form, material, and technique to address issues relating to the environment and the need for a greater shift toward sustainability in our world.

The collection “We (Be)Come One” draws on the belief that none of us are alone or isolated; some things extend beyond our personal environments, joining the entire world together as one.

Featured designers Berre Brans, Daan De Wit, Delphine Cobbaert, DWA Design Studio, Ecobirdy, Emma Cogné, La Gadoue, Studio Plastique, and Zaventem Ateliers bring their individual approaches to design together to highlight the importance that unity and community will have moving forward.

The Belgian collection will be viewable as a virtual exhibition during the London Design Festival.

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