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published on 20.12.2022

Noro Khachatryan’s free spaces

Appreciated by collectors and architects from Belgium to Lebanon and the United States, this designers of Armenian origin excels in the sculptural treatment of raw materials and takes the time to cultivate the art of detail.

Your design work is often linked to works from the Middle East. Is that right?

That is indeed something that I hear about my work, like the word ‘minimalist’. Even though I am based in Belgium, some people claim to see a combination of Eastern and Western influences in my designs. That’s not something that I claim. My influences are abstract.

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"I feel like I can express myself fully here in my studio. Brussels is always intriguing and a source of inspiration every day. It is large and cosmopolitan, but still accessible. It has a down-to-earth vibe, but does not rest on its laurels." Norayr Khachatryan

1080 Hub_Studio Khachatryan (c) Damon de Backer

Studio Khachatryan (c) Damon de Backer