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published on 06.06.2023

Richard Bone at work for Cowboy

Designer Richard Bone puts his foot down at Cowboy. The latest creation from the Belgian electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) brand, co-founded in 2017 by Adrien Roose, Tanguy Goretti and Karim Slaoui, the C4 ST model is the result of team research conducted by this British man who is comfortable with all types of design.

What is your background?

Before Cowboy, I studied automotive design at the Royal College of Art in London. The workshops were organised in close collaboration with various manufacturers. At that time I realised that the car industry was moving in a positive direction. Yet 15 years ago it was still producing fossil-fuel cars and very large SUVs, and nothing was fit for the real purposes.

What were your first steps in design?

I started almost 19 years ago in London, in the field of product and human services design. I worked for the large design agency Pearson Lloyd, which designs a lot of interiors and services for companies in the transport and health sectors.

How do you see your work developing?

Thanks to these experiences, I think I now know what is essential, the value and the durability of a product: making sure that the experience is understandable, that the interactivity with the user is as fluid and intuitive as possible, and that finally, real answers to concrete uses – solutions – are integrated.

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